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Natural deodorants: what's not to like?

Natural deodorants: what's not to like?

Which not-so-nice ingredients are to be found in the standard "supermarket deodorants"?
And are they effectively harmful? The switch to 100% natural and safe deodorants is really not that difficult: they provide excellent protection and you know that you’re not putting any nasties on your skin ...
A win-win situation!

Practically all of us use it as a daily routine: applying deodorant after washing or showering in the morning ...
Because nobody likes to bother themselves or their fellow humans with unwanted smells.   

But what about the big-brand “supermarket” deodorants?
In recent years, hardly anything positive has been said about certain substances (including aluminum, synthetic perfumes, propellants, solvents ...).
For example, the aluminum salts - a cheap ingredient that literally closes the sweat glands - could even be carcinogenic.
Correct or pure nonsense?   

There is no hard evidence to support this, but caution is the mother of all wisom, isn't it?
In any case, research has been conducted into the long-term effects of aluminum chloride and aluminum chlorolhydrate on mice and cells.
It is worrying that these substances can damage the DNA and thus form tumors and metastases in healthy breast cells.
Again, these studies have not been done on humans, but I think the results are worrying enough to avoid deodorants containing these substances ...

Other potentially harmful ingredients that you can find - whether or not together - in the deodorants of the 'supermarket brands' (but also in Vichy at the pharmacy) are: solvents, silicone, propellants, triclosan, propylene glycol, ... The latter two can even have hormone disrupting effects!   

Fortunately, there are very good, natural deodorants available that do their job perfectly well, without all kinds of nasties and without obstructing the functioning of the sweat glands.
The active ingredient of the natural deodorants, Ben & Anna and We Love The Planet, which you can buy at mon.MO, is baking soda.
Baking soda neutralizes odors, but does not clog sweat glands. 

Both brands are guaranteed without aluminum or other synthetic substances.
So, you can apply them without worries!   

I have been using both deodorants for a long time and included my own personal reviews per brand below:

1. BEN & ANNA 

A deodorant developed by a German couple, Ben & Anna. They go for a 100% natural and vegan deodorant, without aluminum or microplastics, and with plastic-free packaging.
Also nice to know is that they support the Ocean Cleaning project!
And, does this deo do its job?  

Effect: good and long-term protection, no irritation. Dry feeling.  

Fragrance: subtle, natural perfumes. Available at mon.MO in Lime, Nordic Timber, Vanilla Orchid, Provence and Pure (without fragrance!).  

Ease of use: with your thumb you push the stick up and rub it directly into your armpits, super handy!
The only downside is that this deo crumbles slightly and I can absolutely understand that some people don't like this. The crumbling effect decreases with use: the stick becomes firmer.  

Packaging: At mon.MO we sell the Ben & Anna deodorants in the stick version with cardboard wrapping. Plastic-free and recyclable!


A Dutch brand created out of love and passion for the planet! At WLTP they find it very important which raw materials are put in a product and where everything originates from. Sustainable and natural deodorants that are kind to your body and the planet.
Almost all the WLTP deodorants contain beeswax, but there is also a 100% vegan version available! 

Effect: good protection (slightly less than Ben & Anna’s). No irritation. However, a moist feeling in the armpits after a while. I want to emphasize here that by “moist feeling” I do not mean odors.

Fragrance: in terms of frangrance, this is a winner: just heavenly!
At mon.MO you can choose between Sweet Serenity, Mighty Mint, Original Orange and Sweet & Soft (vegan).

Ease of use: With your finger, take a small amount of deo cream from the can and rub it directly into your armpit.
So, there is always a bit of deo cream left on your finger, but I don't mind this at all. Just rinse it off with water and you're done.

Packaging: mon.MO sells the WLTP deodorants in the metal boxes: completely plastic-free and in the small metal box you can store other small items after you have used up the deo!   


  • If extended protection and a dry feeling are a must for you, choose Ben & Anna.
    However, you take it for granted that it crumbles slightly…
    I recommend the Ben & Anna deo for people who exercise more, do sports or suffer from sweat odors more easily.
    Is a vegan deo a must for you? The Ben & Anna deodorants are all 100% vegan.

  • If you find a more pronounced frangrance and a creamy substance (no crumbling) important, then definitely go for WLTP.
    It protects slightly less than the Ben & Anna deo and also gives a moist feeling in the armpits more quickly.
    You can of course just apply a little bit more for extra protection if you like sports and exercise!
    Is a vegan deo a must for you? The Sweet & Soft deo is 100% vegan, the other WLTP deodorants contain beeswax.   

The natural deodorants are slightly more expensive than the "mainstream" ones, but then they are made of high-quality, natural ingredients.
Their makers really want the best for your body and our planet and also consider fair working conditions of paramount importance.
A win-win situation for me!   

Kind regards,



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